Training Courses

Kanyana runs many training courses for both the public and our volunteers.


Fauna First Aid Courses

Learn how to catch and restrain wildlife, make an assessment, administer first aid, how to package for transport to a wildlife rehabilitation facility. This course is ideal for mine site employees and those working in remote areas. The course is limited to small groups of 5-12 participants only, and costs $350pp. If you have a minimum of five people, we can arrange a date suitable for you. Contact us to book.

Bobtail Nursing

Learn all about handling and caring for sick bobtails lizards. These courses are held twice a year and are advertised on our website and calendar

Baby Bird Workshop

Learn how to identify different species of baby birds, and what to do if you find one. These courses are held annually and are advertised on our website and calendar.



Bird Handling 

Training on shift on how to correctly and safely handle birds while minimising stress on both the bird and handler

Basic Tube Feeding

Learn the manual skills on how to hold a bird correctly while inserting a tube to feed them. This is essential in wildlife care for birds that will not or cannot feed themselves. Prerequisite: Bird Handling

Advanced Tube Feeding 

Learn how to feed difficult parrots, importance of checking crops, weaning techniques and more. Prerequisite: Basic Tube Feeding

Treatment Assistant

Learn how to work from the treatment board and administering oral medications. Prerequisite: Bird Handling, Advanced Tube Feeding

Treatment Person

Learn how to give injections and assess new wildlife patients. Prerequisite: Treatment Assistant