Bobtails released after successful rehabilitation

Happy Bobtail Carers 6460

32 bobtail skinks were released back into the wild today after six weeks in care at Kanyana Wildlife.

More than a hundred bobtail skinks were treated after Kanyana volunteers were asked by the Department of Parks and Wildlife to collect the horde from a member of the public. 17 had to be euthanased due to injury or disease, 48 were released after a being assessed and the remainder were treated for Bobtail Flu at Kanyana’s Lesmurdie facility.

The bobtails are made up of adult females and babies, and had been grouped in five vivariums to bond before release. They were released at five separate sites around the Swan Coastal Plain.

“It’s the biggest number of bobbies we’ve ever had to treat,” says Carol Jackson, Kanyana’s Bobtail Coordinator. “We’ve started fasting more bobtails this week, so in a few weeks we will have another 11 to release. Bobtails need to be warm to digest their food, so when we release during colder months we make sure their guts are empty so food doesn’t rot inside and kill them.

“The other 9 are going to take longer due to damage to their tails and the time needed for the skin to blacken and harden enough for release.”

All of the bobtails have been assessed and treated for parasites, wounds, or infections. Roughly 30% have damage to their tails and will be in care for several months. 44 of the lizards showed signs of an Upper Respiratory Tract Infection, also known as Bobtail Flu, which needed treatment over four weeks.