Celebrate wildlife at Kanyana in November

boodie birthday credit houndstooth studioEnjoy a busy November weekend while celebrating Kanyana’s most famous resident, Boodie, and have all of your quirky questions about bandicoots answered at a talk the following day.


Boodie is a threatened burrowing bettong who came to Kanyana in 2005 weighing just 120g. He was hand raised at Kanyana and has met tens of thousands of visitors in his ten years in the education team. Saturday 21st November is your opportunity to meet or even reminisce with him at Boodie’s 10th birthday celebrations. Buy tickets here.


The next day, Sunday 22nd November, sees a 90 minute public talk on Living with Bandicoots as part of our Garden Wildlife series. Aimed at local residents with bandicoots (also called quenda) living nearby, find out what they eat, where they live and when they might need your help. Buy tickets here.


Kanyana’s Education Officer, Cass Rowles, says that the weekend is an opportunity to celebrate wildlife.


“Lots of people have never heard of a burrowing bettong, even if they’ve met Boodie. Similarly, some people don’t know what a quenda is, but as soon as you mention ‘bandicoot’, they say ‘Oh yeah they’re the ones that dig holes in my lawn!’ By coming to one or more of our upcoming events, you are helping us fund our wildlife hospital, and starting that conversation about wildlife that could save a life.”


Boodie’s 10th Birthday Bash is on Saturday 21st November 7-8pm, costing $10pp. Living with Bobtails is on Sunday 22nd November 10-1130am, costing $10 per child and $15 per adult. Bookings are essential by calling 9291 3900 or going online.


Visitors can adopt an Animal from Kanyana Wildlife or visit the online gift shop to help fund our wildlife hospital.