Merry Christmas from all of us at Kanyana

2015 has been a hugely frantic and hugely rewarding year for Kanyana. Munch Christmas hat kangaroo

We’ve had all sorts of serious issues to deal with, not the least being the need to secure funding to sustain our operations. We’ve formed an alliance with JCF (the Jaycees Foundation) whereby JCF will work to help us raise funds for long term sustainability. This year too, we’ve made excellent progress in strengthening our relationships the Kalamunda Shire, the Kalamunda Chamber of Commerce and Kalamunda Rotary. This should pay dividends in the long run. Kanyana is a standard-setter in all aspects of wildlife care and treatment and this fact is being recognised in wider and wider circles around Australia.

Our biggest award this year was the Orange Seed prize worth more than $125,000 in advertising and marketing support from Channel 7 and The West Australian. Jack in the Box Advertising Agency is working with Robyn, our Marketing Manager and Cass in Education to make it all happen.  Robyn has been sighted at many Kanyana events but what is not so readily seen is the work she does before and after an event to ensure its success. The nearby Mason Mills Restaurant and Gardens (formerly Melville Rose Gardens) is now under the management of Carl and Maria Holmes. Carl and Maria are giving Kanyana $10,000/year for the next five years. And it’s very gratefully received. We found out about via a surprise announcement at a Chamber of Commerce function held at Kanyana.We’ve also had wonderful support from the Governor, our patron. Her Excellency has been ever ready to meet with us and to offer her best efforts on our behalf in many public and private forums.

The Board recognises and thanks Tasha our Hospital Manager who has kept a cool head throughout the year This has been our busiest year on record and Tasha’s management of the whole hospital operation ensured good outcomes for both our wildlife and our volunteers. The Education team too has broken records with numbers of people reached during the year. This was a great team effort overseen by Cass and Audrey. The Board members  have performed their governance roles with diligence and good humour throughout the year. Volunteers are the engine that drives Kanyana. Saying thank you doesn’t really cover the gratitude that is felt all over the state because of the work our volunteers do. They make a difference when they roll up to Kanyana – and it’s an important one.

Have a safe and happy Festive Season everyone.

June Butcher