Meet & Greet

Have a 30 minute close encounter with an echidna, burrowing bettong or red tailed black cockatoo at Kanyana Wildlife. 

What will I do?

One of Kanyana’s volunteers will take you to meet the animal you have chosen. You will spend 30 minutes with that animal; perhaps stroking or holding them and taking photographs while learning about wildlife behaviour and biology from our knowledgeable volunteer.

How many people can I book for? 

This experience is limited to three people for one animal, at $50 for the first person, $20 for the second, and $10 for the third. You will not have to share with strangers, as this is a personalised experience.

Will I be able to touch?

Yes! This experience allows you to touch or hold the animal.

Will I meet any other animals?

No, this experience is just for one species. However, Kanyana does offer Meet & Greet for three animals in total, as well as guided Nocturnal Tours and Discovery Tours for the public.

Can I adopt an animal?

You have the option to purchase a discounted adoption certificate to support animals in Kanyana’s wildlife hospital.


Enquiries may be made by email to or 9291 3900 (Option 1).

$50 for 1 person, $70 for 2 people, $80 for 3 people.